The Grant Kate's Wish Foundation will provide funding for the delivery of front line, time of diagnosis, face to face educational services for parents who have received a cancer diagnosis, free of charge. These services will help parents with the difficult task of explaining their diagnosis and treatment to their children with the goal of improving outcomes for the entire family.

When Kate Hunt Mortenson was first diagnosed with a rare cancer at age 32, her first thought turned to her 14-month-old son, Grant.

How could she and her husband, Brett, offer Grant a secure and emotionally healthy future under the shadow of cancer?

Searching the globe for hope, Kate endured treatments at cancer centers in Minnesota, Texas, California, and Switzerland. At each of these major institutions, Kate and Brett asked the same question: “Who can we talk to about how to help our son cope?”

To their surprise and dismay, there never was a person dedicated to such purpose. Kate and Brett needed help finding the words to communicate with Grant about his mother’s illness in language that was age-appropriate and sensitive to his needs.

They sought someone to call when conversations and questions changed as Grant grew and became more aware of his mom’s illness. They sought someone to talk to as Kate’s illness progressed and when new interventions, such as ports, intravenous medication lines, and supplemental oxygen became a part of their daily life. They sought someone to support them when unexpected trips to the emergency room and hospitalizations disrupted Grant’s routines. Because there was no such person, Kate and Brett made a commitment to meet this need for other families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Their shared belief was that every parent with cancer should have access to a professional to help their family navigate their illness and its effects on their children. Their desire was for Grant, and all children, to have the best possible outcome, even when a parent’s outcome is uncertain.

Out of this desire, the vision for the Grant Kate’s Wish foundation was born.

If you need help now...

If you have recently been diagnosed and have children, your first thoughts often go to them. Children need help and support from date of diagnosis.

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Presenting to the Front Line Radiologists

Brett and Maria presented at the Radiology Convention hosted at Argosy University on October 11th, 2014.

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